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Buyer send LOI
Seller send SCO
Buyer issue ICPO + BCL
Stakeholders complete and sign the NCNDA
Seller provides FCO (including CAGG registration)
Buyer signs, stamp and return FCO
Seller sends Sales & Purchase Agreement (Draft SPA)
Buyer signs, stamp and return SPA
Seller issues proforma invoice
Buyer Issues confirmed LC from one of the top 50 banks in the world.
Seller bank confirms funds or financial instrument verifications.
Seller provides shipping all documents, POP, Certificates and other documents (Bank to Bank).


By virtue of the data protection law (Ln. 13.709, of August 14, 2018) data- personnel-lgpd , we are prohibited from doing PP (Past Performance).

The POP (Proof of Product) is carried out by the company SGS during the loading of the ship, for this reason, in all cases, the POP is only possible after opening the LC and not before the SPA, as many ask. Certificates of origin or quality are only provided after the operative financial instrument and ship loading, bank by bank.

The refinery or producer does not allow visits. Only ONE buyer's representative may visit the port of origin to accompany the ship's loading.

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